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Started by a British pole dancer and located off Strada Mihai Eminescu, New Heights is a new Pole Dance Studio in Bucharest which teaches Pole Flow choreography. We offer classes to both adults and children taught in English. The classes will be aimed mostly at beginners, but variations of moves can increase the difficulty for those that want a challenge. Every lesson includes developmental stretching as we know that flexibility is very important when it comes to developing your pole dancing skills.

Pole Flow Classes

In our Pole Flow classes, we learn how to connect tricks and poses together to create choreography. We concentrate on creating fluid and continuous movement around and on the pole. During a Pole Flow class, we also do conditioning exercises to increase our strength, these help us to increase the fluidity of our movement. At the end of a class, we have 25 minutes of developmental stretching to increase flexibility. These classes are for beginners. Children are welcome in these classes.

Exotic Pole Classes

In our Exotic Pole Classes we explore our sexy side through choreography. Like the Pole Flow classes, we concentrate on creating fluid and continuous movement around the pole, however, Exotic classes have more of an emphasis on flexibility and character than strength. They include more floorwork and less time spent up the pole. In these classes you are welcome to wear high heels but they are not necessary. These classes are for beginners but only for adults.

Practice Sessions

This session is not guided by a teacher, but a teacher will be there. Practice sessions allow you to work on whatever you want and you can spend the session how you like. There will be no guided warm up or stretch during these sessions but we recommend that you still warm up and stretch yourself.
18:30 - Pole Flow
20:00 - Stretching
18:30 - Pole Flow
20:00 - Stretching
17:00 - Practice Session
18:30 - Pole Flow
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
17:00 Practice Session
18:30 Pole Flow Pole Flow Pole Flow
20:00 Stretching Stretching
Pole classes are 75 minutes long. Stretching classes are 60 minutes long.
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Adults Students Children
1 Lesson

50 RON

45 RON

4 Lessons

180 RON

150 RON

  • 38 RON / lesson
  • Perfect for 1 lesson / week
  • Valid for 1 month
8 Lessons

320 RON

240 RON

  • 30 RON / lesson
  • Perfect for 2 lessons / week
  • Valid for 1 month
12 Lessons

480 RON

360 RON

  • 30 RON / lesson
  • Perfect for 2 lessons / week
  • Valid for 2 months
Stretching lessons are available for 35 RON, and practice lessons cost 20 RON.
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